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Sharing is the new way


One solution,
many opportunities.

Combining its own skills and to those of its network, Steele is ready to enter the market as an innovative General Manager, which is able to realise turnkey projects offering a high level of professionalism and a careful management of investments.
Steele is a smart and flexible organisation, which can be shaped on customer needs.

Thanks to its network of professionals and companies, Steele is able to accompany every partner along many different production processes and procedures, with mutual satisfaction for both the customer and the supplier.


Engineering, prototyping and feasibility studies

We develop customised machine studies, prototyping studies, basic and detailed engineering, mechanical and hydraulic systems.
Our specific knowledge to support innovative solutions created on the specific needs of our customers.

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Production of machines
and equipment

We design, engineer and customise machines and spare parts, which are then produced and supplied through our network. We always look for the best value for money on the market. High quality materials, high technical value of supplies.

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Project management
and training

Project management, management of complex contracts, education and training. Production management, budget and schedule monitoring, KPI modelling and testing.

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Business networks

We build business networks by sharing targets and goals on products and services with our customers, defining promotion, sales and negotiation strategies with a specific focus on the steel industry.

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