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Press conference May 26, 2022

The company founded in 2020 is a container of competences at the service of major steel players. New collaboration with Comau to research new robotic applications in the steel industry.

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Founded in January 2020, Steele specialises in the management of systems and technological supplies for the steel industry. In just two years, it has gone from being a start-up company to a leading player with an innovative approach to the development of steel and industrial facilities in general.

What Steele is and what it does. Steele is a container of expertise and manages the development and maintenance of steelmaking facilities in a new way. It is a reference for the industry thanks to the specific knowledge developed over years of experience by the founding partners, in technical, technological, commercial and project management. It is supported by a network of selected partners who focussing on their core business, but who, thanks to Steele, are approaching now new worlds.

The operating method is both simple and innovative: Steele interacts with the major steel players (but not only), understands their needs (typically system requirements), designs  technological, management and digital solutions, and selects the best companies within its network for the development and implementation of the project. An approach that combines competence and competitiveness, and eliminates operational margins and structural costs.

An exclusive, unprecedented model in steelmaking, devised by three partners – Giorgio Ghini, Roberto Finanzon and Fabio Marca – with a background in steel multinationals, top players in the system engineering market. A team with important skills in contract management, combined with the technical knowledge necessary to identify the best solution at the best price. Tailor-made consultancy, based on a strategic relationship between specialised suppliers and the client: Steele steps in and acts from the inside, in close contact with the client, to achieve the objective in the most effective way. Steele offers turnkey solutions that combine high professionalism and extreme attention to the management of investment budgets.

 At the beginning it was mandatory to make the large producers – Acciai Speciali Cogne, Acciaierie Venete, Alfa Acciai, Arvedi, Duferco TP, Ferriere Valsabbia, among others – perceive that it was possible to adopt a different approach from contracting, while making significant cost savings and maintaining a high technical, technological and service quality. Once the value of the support and the freshness of the approach were perceived, the orders came in. 70 per cent of customers come from steel production and 30 per cent from system engineering.

Steele numbers about ten partners in the fields of engineering, automation, carpentry, 4.0, cutting and flattening, technology, machining, manuals and certifications, assembly, auxiliary systems, technical translations and raw material supply (Meccanica Center – Tecnologie Industriali and Valtech are among the main partners). 

The turnover generated by the company, which was founded in Brescia and has its operational headquarters in Villanuova sul Clisi, has grown exponentially to more than 8 million euro, with a forecasted turnover for Steele of more than 1.5M. The goals set for the next three years are ambitious, in line with the collaborations Steele is forging with important players in the industry and beyond.

“We forecast significant numbers and great internal growth” explains Giorgio Ghini, Steele’s CEO. “We have clearly met a need in the supply chain by bringing value through our expertise. We are a continuously growing network. In recent weeks we have started an important partnership with Comau (world leader in industrial automation and robotics) to join our resources and implement robotic solutions in steel applications, improve plant safety and increase efficiency by lowering consumption”.

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