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Plant optimisation as a first step towards a more sustainable production.

Energy consumption is an increasingly strategic factor in the steel industry, both in operational and management areas, and in a broader environmental scenario.

As a highly energy intensive sector, the steel industry is today more exposed, at national and international level, to the double challenge of the high prices of energy supplies and the progressive and complex shift towards a more sustainable energy system.

This scenario has an immediate impact on plant management, especially on costs and competitiveness, and a long term impact on energy transition investments and technologies.

Plant efficiency and optimisation through smart and agile interventions capable of improving performance, reducing consumption and increasing efficiency, represent an opportunity. In addition, savings on targeted revamping activities can significantly contribute to global savings.

In fact, plant optimisation requires reduced interventions compared to a complete makeover and allows to plan investments in a timeframe which is aligned with the needs of even medium and small businesses while implementing new technologies in specific and targeted components.

This involves a significant improvement both in terms of energy consumption and production competitiveness, which is accessible to a wide range of businesses, and marks a first immediate, tangible step along the route towards sustainable energy that a growing number of companies will embraced.

Steele fully supports companies willing to undertake energy transition helping them in project management and implementation.

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