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Flexibility at the heart of steel industry.

By July 23, 2021July 26th, 2021No Comments

The Steele business model is designed to adapt to the specific needs of steel industry, providing a broad range of services beginning with advising.

Steel industry is evolving faster and faster. Technology and finance are defining increasingly complex scenarios and new strategic opportunities to be seized through an agile approach, which is the core of the Steele business model. Created to integrate the needs of its Customers in an intelligent and flexible way, Steele is organised as a network of skills to be activated at different levels according to the needs of the project, while acting as a single point of contact. In procurement procedures, Steele is able to assist buyers as an adviser, or intervene as a direct operator, or support offerors through a full range of bespoke services.

Advising is Steele’ first interaction level directed to companies in the need to face new investments, which seek in Steele a consultant able to support them when defining procurement requirements and procedures or checking and comparing technical specifications and offers, without directly participating in the contract.
Steele adds a strong strategic value to companies with vertical skills, which are then able to optimise internal processes and find the right balance when developing their project, thanks to:


Multidisciplinary analysis of the project


Identification of strategic and functional skills for the project


Analysis and comparison of technical specifications and offers


Economic, technical and temporal analysis of the offers

Steele's goal is to lead its customers to a successful project by offering, thanks to its network of professionals and suppliers, the know-how and technologies necessary to create the perfect supply, in full compliance with the contractor’s procedures.

For tailored advice, contact Steele’s experts.