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Plant engineering and machine construction stand out among the specialized supplies of the past year. Even in this particular historic moment, analysing the results allows to better plan the future.
Anche in momento storico così particolare, analizzare i risultati raggiunti permette di pianificare al meglio gli sviluppi futuri.

Steele’s model allows to provide multiple types of services and products for steel industry, available in countless possible combinations due to the high degree of customisation offered to customers.

A considerable number of cases full of interesting ideas for a strategic sector such as the steel industry, that is mostly concentrated in Northern Italy.

Among the contracts awarded to Steele, engineering, construction of machines and plant revamping interventions are more than half of the projects.

This shows a wish to renew and improve existing mills in order to optimise production to cope with increasingly advanced and competitive manufacturing processes in a highly specialized market.

Spare parts and prototyping together represent nearly a further 30%, indicating the growing willingness to develop bespoke solutions both in R&D and management, and reduce downtime through planned supplies.

These data are mirrored in the turnover, where engineering and machine construction are over 40%, while prototyping and project management represent a further 27%, indicating a high level of quality and structured interventions.

Steele's goal is both an increasing know-how structuring through vertical skills, and the expansion of its network of suppliers in order to offer a full support to its customers.

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