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The general contractor
in steel industry

Steele – a neologism that combines Steel, in English, and Seele, which means soul in German – is a service company managing supplies and projects in the steel industry on behalf of the customer.
A service being the only one of its kind in Italy, which places the contract directly with its reference partner, without intermediate steps: Steele procures, sees the opportunity, studies the solution and selects the best partner within its network. An approach that mingles competence and competitiveness, eliminating operating margins and structural costs.
A brand-new business model in steelmaking industry, conceived by Steele’s three founders – Giorgio Ghini, Roberto Finanzon and Fabio Marca – coming from multinational iron and steel corporations being the top steel plant manufactures. A team with extensive expertise in procurement management, combined with the technical skills required to always identify the best solution at the best price.
A tailor-made consultancy which creates a strategic relationship between specialized suppliers and the customer: Steele enters the company and acts from within, in close contact with the customer, to achieve the goals in the most effective way.
Steele networks with ten partners operating in the fields of engineering, automation, metalwork, 4.0, cutting and decoiling, technology, machining, manuals and certifications, assembly, auxiliary systems, technical translations and supply of raw materials.
Steele identifies the most suitable skills, services or products to lead the project to a successful completion. Thanks to its ability to analyse the case, Steele joins the advantages of turnkey projects together with high professionalism and a careful budget management. And no delays due to excessive bureaucracy: Steele is a smart and flexible structure that can be shaped according to customer needs.
«We are a sort of hallmark – explains Giorgio Ghini, Sales Manager -. We propose a general contractor business model, offering in-depth expertise and management of the entire project. Hence, Steele takes away your thoughts ».

For tailored advice, contact Steele’s experts.