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Overhead crane maintenance. What’s new?

More than a supply of spare parts: a specific maintenance programme conceived to save time and costs, and extend machinery useful life.

Cranes and overhead cranes are strategic machines, the beating hearts of complex industrial sites. Designed to last over time, their efficiency is based on simple mechanical principles, strength of materials and operational reliability.

Wear and tear is the greatest enemy of such essential machines. Components subject to stress and friction are inevitable weak points. They therefore need a careful, continuous and scheduled maintenance.

To this effect, Steele and Meccanica Center, a company specialized in the supply of spare parts for cranes, created a specific service aiming at being something more than just supplying spare parts.

Thanks to Meccanica Center know-how, Steele provides an ongoing support with multiple possible solutions: from reverse engineering to component part standardisation, from special components manufactured to customer specific drawings to design of strong and long lasting spare parts.

Firma is the flagship of this project, a perfect synthesis of engineering skills. This line of wheels and wheel units is designed, produced and entirely assembled in Italy by Meccanica Center.

The in-house production, quality control and assembly, combined with a rigorous selection of certified Italian steel, ensures high quality raw materials and high standards along the entire manufacturing process, with many possible customisations and personalised products, as well as a flexible production allowing a rapid and on-time delivery.

For tailored advice, contact Steele’s experts.