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New project

Improve plant performance with an innovative, modular and flexible approach.

TPP Duferdofin Nucor chooses Steele to optimise costs and processes of their new system.

The peculiar socio-economic situation due to the pandemic crisis represents a new, double challenge facing even more structured production companies: pursue investments required to continue production and continually enhance factory efficiency, with increasingly reduced budgets and the difficulty of engaging in large investments owing to uncertain future scenarios.

Case history

The optimization of the Pallanzeno (VB) rolling mill commissioned by TPP Duferdofin Nucor to Steele is an example of an innovative approach, capable of overcoming the deadlock due to the current situation with “modular” investments within a highly customised project.


Significantly improve rolled products quality by adjusting the gap-recovery system and ensuring a regular profile shape and tolerance.
Improve machine maintenance by making it safer for the operator and reducing time and difficult operations.

Improvement of the maintenance approach to the machine.
Recovery existing cylinder.
New BUR chocks system.




During preliminary meetings, Steele provides a feasibility study based on a prototype project, which shows a positive outcome for the improvement of rolling mill performance, and sets out a budget.


Thanks to a continuous exchange and the full support of the TPP Duferdofin Nucor operational team, Steele technicians are able to identify the most important technical aspects and propose an engineering development for the entire project. Steele takes charge of project management, as well as the optimisation of organisation and costs of the related supplies.


Thanks to its network of suppliers, Steele establishes an articulated and modular intervention plan, which meets with the approval of the TPP Duferdofin Nucor technical commission.


The supply of the first prototype is then approved and a direct order from the customer is awarded to the partner identified by Steele, in this specific case Meccanica Center Srl, with project tests supervision and commissioning management assigned to Steele, which is able to ensure direct customer assistance and immediate answers.
New mechanical backlash recovery system.
Maintenance, safety and quality.
Implementation with existing machine.

The benefits of the project



The entire 1 year project is split into independent modular steps, which can be replanned over time according to the specific needs of TPP Duferdofin Nucor.


The overall investment budget can be restructured over the project duration, making the intervention easier to manage and immediately improving the productivity of the plant.


TPP Duferdofin Nucor awards direct contracts to individual partners selected by Steele depending on the specific steps of the project, thus optimising the budget and having Steele as its only contact and coordinator.

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